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A short biography of Frederiek Maddock

I was born in Holland and after finishing Law School, I married and lived a fascinating life abroad in the Far East and Middle East. We moved to Devon in 1999 with our three children My children have all left home now and I can dedicate more time to my homeopathic practice and continuous professional development. When I am not busy with homeopathy I enjoy my gardening, my music and tennis.

My motivation

My passion for homeopathy was sparked by the monthly antibiotics prescriptions for my asthmatic 18 months old son and the indiscriminate prescriptions of steroid creams for severe eczema. After visiting a homeopath his health and well being improved so much that his asthma attacks stopped and his eczema improved dramatically. Homeopathy helped my other child when she became incredibly homesick moving to the UK.

Professional education

I completed my homeopathic studies in 2001 and have worked as a homeopath ever since.  I am registered with the Alliance for Registered Homeopaths and adhere to the strict Code of Ethics and professional conduct.

Professional development

March 2016

3 day CEASE course which offers wider treatment for challenging children who need extra help at school and at home for a variety of reasons. I continue to be fascinated by and impressed by the effectiveness of homeopathy.

April 2016

I attended a 3 day seminar with Dr. Jan Scholten on new  plants remedies

November 2016

I attended a 2 day seminar on homeopathic remedies made from minerals with John Stallick