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Homeopathy Crediton


What will you talk about during the consultation?

During the consultation your homeopath will match all your symptoms: physical, emotional and mental to a remedy. Your homeopath needs to know a great deal about you. This would include your individual reaction to illness rather than the symptoms of the disease itself for example, your history of physical and emotional well being. Children should bring the Red Booklet, adults and children should bring a list of current and past medication and travel vaccinations.

  • your temperament and general disposition
  • your likes and dislikes in a range of things
  • any particular sensitivity you may have
  • any odd or persistent symptoms not necessarily related to your present complaint
  • what makes your symptoms better or worse
  • any identifiable patterns of illness in you or in your family medical history
  • whether you have ‘never been well since…’ etc.

Many people find that such an opportunity to take proper stock of their health and well-being is beneficial in itself, even before a prescription has been made.
Patients are also free to bring a supporter to their consultation.

How long do they last?

Adult consultations
w one and a half to two hours for the first consultation and for subsequent consultations allow half an hour to an hour.
Child consultations
Allow one hour for the first consultation and for subsequent consultations allow half an hour. I may see the parents/carers beforehand or talk to them over the phone if they wish tell to me things without the presence of the child or if I need extensive medical information.

How often should I come?

Homeopathy works gently and has no side effects. In acute cases or short-term ailments the treatment fast and in long-term ailments or chronic cases improvement will take place gradually and over a longer period of time.
Typically follow up appointments take place at 3 to 4 week intervals. For acute cases I recommend 2 consultations. For chronic cases I recommend a minimum of 4 consultations. This will allow me to assess the reaction of the patient to the remedy. Changes and improvements are generally seen between each consultation. Once you are well or much better, you can choose to have 6 to 12 monthly check-up to maintain your level of well being.

Relationship with your GP and Consultant

Homeopathy works along side the treatment prescribed by your GP. It is always strongly recommended that you maintain your relationship with your GP. Your GP will be able to arrange any tests and diagnosis you may need. For any reduction or cessation of prescribed medicines you must always consult your GP. I would always advise to choose conventional intervention in any serious and life threatening conditions