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Homeopathy Crediton

What can homeopathic treatment do for you?

Homeopathic treatment can help a great variety of individuals with their health issues
Issues you would treat with over-the-counter medications 

Issues which are  difficult to treat yourself and you have not been able to get the right help.

You are on the waiting list for an appointment/operation and need support to cope with the symptoms. As with all health issues I personally recommend to seek independent advice and stay in close contact with your mainstream healthcare professionals.

So who can homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy treats anyone and not named conditions or diseases. So I cannot name a disease because homeopathy treats you and your specific symptoms. It treats the individual holistically with  -for example- the following

  • Acute illnesses and infections and inflammation –
    recurrent infections and illnesses
  • Long term ailments –
    you have never been well since an event/illness or you are very sensitive.
  • Effects of injury & surgery –
    sporting, accidental injury, after effects of surgery, of dental work, of anaesthesia.
  • In babies & infants –
    digestive, skin, respiratory & ear, nose & throat , sleep.
  • In children & adolescents –
    all the usual childhood health issues and management of emotional or behavioural problems, support with challenging attitudes at school and at home.
  • In women –
    menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding and the menopause.
  • In men –
    fatigue, stress, digestion problems.
  • Across all ages and in both genders –
    recurrent respiratory or digestive, emotional & psychological difficulties: everyday stresses, anxiety, sadness, grief, fears and fixations.

Find out more?
I am available for a no charge, no commitment talk, so please give me a call if you would like to discuss what homeopathy can do for you.