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Testimonials of Patients

I have suffered with debilitating hay fever symptoms for most of my life.
Frederiek’s remedies have been highly effective, reducing my symptoms so
that they have become almost unnoticeable. I would highly recommend this
treatment to anybody who suffers with hay fever. (Patient aged 27)

My daughter has an autistic spectrum disorder and experiences high levels of anxiety
and emotional distress on a regular basis.
Frederiek has been treating my daughter for several years now and as a result family life has far more balanced as my daughter can now manage the stresses of daily life much more effectively.

She also treats both my husband and I, and our other child, and this has made a huge difference to our ability to cope with the exhausting challenges ASD presents. The help she has provided has improved the quality of our life as a family considerably and reduced our tiredness.
We are so grateful for all she has done for us. (A parent)

I am so grateful to Frederiek every time I take a moment to appreciate how balanced and healthy I feel. A huge vote of thanks to you for your many hours of inspired, gifted and knowledgeable work. (Patient aged 67)

After second removal of cancerous growth on the face (when I did not use any homeopathic remedies)​
Well – I’m convinced!
The bruising has been nowhere near as extensive as the last time and has almost gone – in a week, where it took 2 weeks before. (Patient aged 70)

I would like to make clear that these testimonials are not meant to imply that a certain homeopathic remedy can cure a specific medical condition. This is not how (I believe) homeopathy works. You may however note from these unedited comments that patients who have been diagnosed with a wide range of medical conditions have reported that they have experienced an apparent benefit from homeopathy.